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Hallowe'en Inspiration

Jana Gumovsky

Halloween is just over a month away so it's time to start thinking ahead and planning that awesome costume that will be the envy of all your friends. The great thing about the bold designs of ENARMOUR pieces is that many of them can double as stylish and fitting accessories to a variety of costume ideas. 

The Harem Dancer

This is a beautiful, feminine character concept for those not into the scary costumes (there's always the option of being a zombie harem dancer but that's just a matter of preference). Draw inspiration from vintage photos and old movies for a tasteful and unique costume. Pretty much any ENARMOUR body chain fits this concept, particularly the bolder, more intricate designs like the "Strada", "Zenith", and "Rita". 





The bohemian gypsy wears bright head scarves, flowing skirts and an excessive amount of jewelry. This look is original, stylish and a bit more practical for those celebrating Hallowe'en in colder climates (the gypsy loves to layer!). Awesomely paired with a bold hanging necklace, an ornate slave bracelet like "Zane" or a draping chain belt like "Eugenia". Or all three!



Fortune Teller/ Tarot Card Reader

This is your chance to add a dose of the ominous and spooky into your costume by dressing up as a fortune teller. There's so much room for creativity with this one as you can embody anything from the all-seeing high priestess to the chilling psychic witch. Whichever direction you choose to take this costume, decking it out in opulent chains is sure to deliver maximum impact. Opt for a head chain (to accentuate your all-seeing third eye) and body chains for a gypsy-esque vibe. 





Mermaid/ Siren

This is another costume concept that can just as easily go from happy to ghoulish. Thanks to Walt Disney, when thinking about mermaids our mind automatically turns to Ariel and that character in itself can be a beautiful source for Halloween inspiration. But among the category of fantasy water maidens  there are also sea nymps and sirens that aren't as happy and benevolent. Whichever mythological sea creature you choose to embody, the costume can incorporate hanging chains (to represent the chains of a shipwreck or a fishing net) or strands of seashells and pearls - the natural adornments of the sea. 




Hope you're feeling inspired to start planning that perfect costume.



All costume inspiration photos via Pinterest