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Dreaming of Music Festivals

Jana Gumovsky

OZARK Music Festival 1985

OZARK Music Festival 1985

A year ago today I was smack-dab in the middle of Bonnaroo with my main partner in crime, rocking out to Elton John and just generally having the time of our lives in Manchester, Tennessee. Equipped with flower crowns and water guns, we were ready for a grand adventure - and what an adventure it really was! So many unexpected experiences were packed into the 4-day festival that I will cherish forever. The 2015 festival season is now well under way, with the famous Coachella already passed, Bonnaroo culminating its 13th run this Sunday, and tens of other festivals bringing people together in unfathomable numbers to unite with the beauty of music, art and friendship. Being in Australia is an incredible life adventure in itself yet I still catch myself daydreaming of summer festivals and the magic that they emanate. So here's me paying homage to every beautiful music festival - where I am eternally present in spirit.

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Music gives color to the air of the moment.
— Karl Lagerfeld

MARGO Bodychain

MARGO Bodychain