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Photo by Samantha Falco

The Brand

ENARMOUR was  born out of a love for the beautiful and the unique. I see jewelry as a form of body armour to be worn by the modern woman to empower her, make her feel strong, refined, but above all - unique. ENARMOUR is a collection of pieces that exude individuality while being timeless and endlessly versatile. Looking to bohemian styles and vintage silhouettes, every piece is carefully thought out and delicately assembled using only quality materials, incorporating rare vintage elements and one-of-a-kind semi precious stones, making every piece of jewelry truly unique. Most items in the collection are singular pieces with the rest crafted in very small quantities, thus celebrating the originality of each item and the personal style of its wearer. 

The Creator 

My name is Jana and I was born  in Chisinau, Moldova, one of the smallest countries of Eastern Europe. At the age of 12, my family and I relocated to Canada where I've been residing since. In 2013, I attained a Bachelor of Commerce from Toronto's Ryerson University and after some soul-searching, decided to combine my learned business savvy-ness with a natural affinity for fashion, art and aesthetics to create a unique, fashion-forward jewelry line aimed at the modern woman. 

Currently wander-lusting through the wild Australian outback, I am eternally searching for new experiences and outlets for inspiration.